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What can you do with a VoIP-account?

A VoIP-account registers your phone so that the device you use will be recognized by the Freedom domain.
In Freedom under the VoIP-accounts menu you can find an overview of all of the VoIP-accounts linked to your account. Here you can add new VoIP-accounts or delete existing accounts.

New VoIP account

To add a new VoIP account:

  • Log in to Freedom.
  • Click on Admin in the menu bar.
  • Select VoIP-account.
  • Click Add and click the I am sure button at the bottom to agree to the extra costs.
  • Enter a Description for the advice, for example the name of the person using the device.
  • Internal number: This is the number where your colleagues can reach you using another VoIP telephone.
  • Outgoing number (Caller ID): here you can choose the number that will be shown alongside an outgoing call. This must be a number that is linked to your Voys account.
  • To add another VoIP account, click on the Add VoIP account button.
  • Country code: This automatically is set to Germany, but you can change this to another country. If you fill in the Netherlands, then you don’t need to enter the country code when calling Dutch numbers. However in that case you do need to

Setting up a VoIP-account

You can set up a VoIP-account in almost every VoIP phone. Do you need help setting it up? Look at www.voys.de/support . There you will find the different available phones. Each phone requires a unique VoIP-account. If you register a VoIP-account in multiple devices, the central system doesn’t understand which device should start ringing.

VoIP-account in Freedom


  • Green ball icon: the VoIP-account is signed in on a device.
  • Red ball icon: the VoIP-account is not signed in. This could be for multiple reasons such as the device has no internet connection or battery or the account needs to be set up.
  • Telephone icon: The VoIP-account is connected to the Voys 4G app through Users.
  • Computer screen icon: The VoIP-account is connected to WebRTC through Users.
  • A lock in combination with any of the above icons: encrypted calling is enabled.
You can also see the internal number of the VoIP-accounts here. This is the internal number colleagues can use to reach you.
Connected user(s):
Here you can see which users are connected to a VoIP-account. This can be multiple users. A VoIP-account doesn’t need to be connected to a single user.
Account ID:
This is the number of your VoIP-account which is needed to set up your device.
3 dots:
If you click on the dots, you can see the following options:
  • Deactivate: Here you can deactivate the account. Then you can no longer call with the device that they account is set up on. Be aware: You will still be charged.
  • Provisioning: Click here if you want to set up a Cisco or Yealink W52P.
  • Changes: Here you can make changes to your account. This is also possible by clicking on the name and number in VoIP-accounts.
  • Delete: If you want to delete a VoIP account, click here.
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