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What can I do with a user?

There are 2 things you can use your user account for:

  • Logging into your telephone central platform Freedom, the Voys app and the plugins.
  • Managing your availability, whether you are available on your hard phone, the app, your mobile phone, or not available at all.

To create a user:

  • Log into Freedom.
  • Go to Admin in the menu bar.
  • Click on Users.
  • Choose Add.

Now you see these four tabs.

Personal Information

  • Fill in your First and Last name.
  • Fill in the Email address and create a password. This password is temporary – when the user logs in for the first time, they will change it.
  • Give the correct user privileges in Member of permission groups.
  • End user: With this type of account, the user can only manage his own availability.
  • Admin: with an admin account the user can view and adjust everything in the account except cancelling the subscription or changing the name of the account.
  • Account management: the user can do almost everything that an admin can do, except change administrative business and add services.
  • Call details: Can only see call statistics

Telephony settings:

Here you select and add destinations where you want to be available. For example, this can be on your VoIP-account or your mobile phone.

  • VoIP accounts: Here you can check which VoIP phone(s) should be turned on.
  • App account: Here you can choose which account you use in the Voys 4G app.
  • Plugin account: Here you can choose which account you use with the Webphone.
  • Fixed / Mobile number: Here you can check which external number you want to be reached at.
  • Number for colleagues: With this option, you can choose which internal number colleagues can reach you at.


Here you can indicate if you are available and at which destination. Are you not available? Indicate that and your user account will be skipped in the dial plan.

How you want to make outgoing calls

If you selected a VoIP-account for the App or Plugin then you can select the correct outgoing number here. By selecting the correct Click-to-dial account, you choose which device you use to make outgoing calls with via the Click-to-dial plugin.

Language settings

Here you can change your language preferences. You can choose between Dutch and English.


  • Log out after 10 minutes: If you turn this on, you will be automatically logged out after 10 minutes of inactivity. This only applies to, not the app or softphone.
  • Force password change on next login: This is only checked when the account is created. This way the user can choose their own password and change the one that was set for them when the account was created.

Dial Plan

Now that the user account is set up, it can be added to a Dial plan.




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