No problems at all

Everything is working as it is supposed to be working.

Still issues?

No problems at Voys but still experiencing issues?

  • Perhaps this might help?

    Things that happen quite often:

    • An outage at your internet service provider. Check the website of your provider to see if there are any known problems.
    • A problem in your network. Perhaps a router or a switch that doesn’t function properly. Please contact your IT person to check if there is a problem.

    Still experiencing problems?

    • Check our support pages if you can find your answer there.
    • If that doesn’t work: we are always happy to help. Call our support team at 030 7262 10999.
  • My telephones do not work

    When your telephones don’t work, follow these steps:

    Reset your router

    Remove the power cable from your router for 10 seconds and plug it back in. Your internet connection will update and your phones will register again. This is the solution to most problems.

    Reset your phone

    Remove the power cable from your phone for 10 seconds and plug it back in. When you have a wireless handset, remove the power from the base station.

    No luck? We are happy to help!

    If the above doesn’t work, just check our support pages, or give us a call at 030 7262 10999. We will fix it together.

  • Call forwarding to app or mobile phone

    If your internet connection at home or in your office doesn’t work, you can always use the Voys app, or call transfer on your mobile phone.

    Just download the Voys app, login with your user name and password and set your availability to your mobile number or your Voys app. You won’t have to miss any incoming calls.

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