About Voys

This is what we do

Changing the telecom industry with cloud telephone services

We provide the best business telecom solution to make your company optimally available for your customers. We do this in our own way.

13 years ago we developed a service that radically changed the telecom market: cloud telephony services. We built one of the first telephony systems in the cloud.

Every year more and more companies started using our services. While we were growing, we found out it wasn’t just the product that made our company grow this fast.

We’re dedicated

The best technology + excellent service = happy customers

How do we keep our colleagues dedicated to work with and for the customer? That was the question we asked ourselves in 2012. We decided mutual equality with our customers and among each other should be the core of the way we are organized.

  • The Voys Model

    We think that people are happiest at their job if they have a lot of freedom and responsibility. They don’t need a manager, they can manage themselves just fine. That’s why we work with Holacracy: the purpose-driven operating system for our organisation.

  • Our values

    We value equality. We are open, personal, and supportive. We learn from our mistakes and we develop our product for and with our customers.

  • Voys book

    Working at Voys is very different from working at most other companies. We wrote a book about our wicked ways for new colleagues (and other interested people).

We don’t work with managers

And it works!

In self-management there are no managers, but there is equality and a lot of freedom and responsibility for every colleague. This way of organizing works and this doesn’t remain unnoticed in the world. We won many prizes for our fast growth and for the way we are organized.

However, we think the most valuable award is the one we get everyday from our customers. They have been rating our service and product with an average grade of 8.9 in over 3.000 reviews. That’s the highest grade in the telecom market worldwide!

Our team in 2021

Today over 50 colleagues in three countries work together to offer the best telecom solution for companies. In 2014 the software developers who built our cloud platform started a separate company to continue developing telecommunication products: Devhouse Spindle. Like us, they are with over 50 happy colleagues and self-managing.

Awesome customers and more than just a telecom solution

Our entire team works together to make our 10.000+ customers optimally available for their customers.

Open and equal communication

We believe that access to information and communication needs to be easily available to reach or maintain equal communication. That is why we fight for our right to privacy and we build all our software open source.

Our self-managing and purpose-driven organizational model is a good match. It makes our own organization – and other organizations – more equal. That’s why we love to tell our story – both online and offline – about the way we work.

To promote equal communication in the entire world, we started 48percent.org. This is a foundation that helps the 48% of the world population that does not have access to  communication.

Thank you contributors

When you are a customer at Voys you actively contribute to open communication in the world. Thanks to you Voys has become so much more than we ever imagined or dared to dream of. And our dreams are getting bigger and better. Actually, we think we’ve only just started.