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What is the Freedom app?

A user friendly app that seamlessly turns your mobile phone into your company phone. Answer your customer’s calls anywhere. Your private numbers stays private.


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  • Choose a local German number
  • Caller ID shows your company number
  • Includes unlimited call minutes
  • No contract
  • Works with every smartphone

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A friendly design

Looks just like a dialer

An app that lets you easily make and receive phone calls. It looks just like your regular telephone app. Why make it any harder?


How does the Voys Freedom app improve your life?

These are the advantages of using your business phone number on your mobile phone.

Don’t mix your business life with your private life

You don’t have to give your private number to a business contact anymore. Business remains business, personal remains personal.

No extra telephones

With the Voys Freedom app, you don’t need to carry around two phones to keep personal and business separate. One phone with two numbers is all you need.

Professional appeal

A business phone number has way more professional appeal for your customers than a mobile phone number.

Know who’s calling

You can see on your screen that someone is calling your company phone number, so you can answer like a professional.

Available anywhere

With the Freedom app, your company phone number isn’t stuck to just one location. You can answer your customers’ phone calls anywhere.

Voys has over 50.000 business users in Europe, so you know you’re in good company.

We asked our customers in over 3.000 reviews what they think of our services. They rated us with an average score of 8.9 out of 10. That makes them the happiest customers in the telecom market.

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  • How does the Freedom app work?

    It is very easy. Once you have signed up, just download the app, open it and answer the questions of the setup wizard and you are good to go.

  • What is included?

    For 12 € monthly, you get a phone number and the full use of the Freedom app. Unlimited calls (with a Fair Use Policy) are included.

    Mobile phone charges are not included. Outgoing call minutes are deducted from your mobile phone subscription. However, most mobile subscriptions include unlimited phone calls. Check your plan at your mobile phone provider.

  • Do I pay extra for my cellular use?

    That depends on your cellular plan with your provider. When you make outgoing phone calls using the Freedom app, you use the call through option. This means you use call minutes through your mobile phone provider.

    If you have a plan with unlimited phone calls at your mobile phone provider, they don’t charge you anything.

    If you don’t have unlimited phone calls, you get charged the normal amount for the numbers of used minutes, like they normally do for your mobile phone calls.

  • Does my personal number really stay private?

    Yes, all calls using the Voys Freedom app only send out your company phone number, so your personal number remains private.

    If you use your regular dialer from your mobile phone, you can still use your private number.

  • How long is the contract for the Voys Freedom app?

    You can end your subscription any day, any month, any time. No questions asked.

  • How do I pay?

    You pay by direct debit, at the end of every month.

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