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15 May 2019

Tools and software for the future workspace

The future workspace could be anywhere: at home, at the office, or maybe on the road. It’s about being able to work wherever you want. At Voys we like to work remotely. Some of our colleagues work at home, others winterat our office in Cape Town, South Africa. In this blog we’ll tell you which tools and software you can use so you can work wherever you like.

To be able to work remotely, you need a communication foundation. That starts with your email and your calendar. We use the G Suite by Google for this. This tool gives you access to your documents, your calendar and your email from anywhere because it is all stored in the cloud. Not many tools make collaborating this easy, because you can choose what to keep private and what to share with colleagues.

Use Voys for all your phone calls

As a telecom provider, we think you should be able to make phone calls besides sending emails. Of course, for that we use our own Voys telecom solution. There are different ways to call with Voys: you can use a desk phone to make phone calls at the office, use our Voys app to call on your cell phone, or use our web app to make a phone call via your computer. This way you’re available for your customers at all times and anywhere you might be.

Money, money, money

So, now you can communicate with your customers. Hopefully you will also receive some requests for offers. Moneybird is an easy-to-use accounting tool. In Moneybird you can make offers and you can also do your billing here. You can even link Moneybird to your bank account, that way your accounting is a piece of cake. Receipts or digital invoices? Take a picture of them and send them to the Moneybird email address, then your receipts and invoices will automatically be processed.

Deadlines and to-do’s

Asana is a tool in which you can manage your to-do lists. It might not be the first todo manager people think of, but we use it because you can share the status of your to-dos with you co-workers. This comes in handy when you work in an organization that is a big bigger. In Asana you can also manage projects and share updates about them with your colleagues. That’s handy when a colleague isn’t working at the office. He or she can continue working, knowing the status of shared projects.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing is a great solution for collaborating with external parties and colleagues who work remotely. There are many tools available, but they’re often quite expensive and require you to install things to use it. That’s why we use Jitsi, an open source tool that makes video conferencing really easy.

Is there no need for real-time communication? Often thats when Whatsapp chat groups for colleagues originate. We think Slack is a better solution. This is an instant messaging tool for professional teams. It offers an efficient way for collaborating with your co-workers. At Voys we have already used it for many years.

Store your passwords

Collaborating means you have to be able to work with the same systems and tools. Of course this should be done safely. That’s possible with a password manager for businesses. This way you don’t need to put all your passwords in a shared spreadsheet,use the same password for the whole organization, or share passwords via Slack. A good password manager for businesses is 1Password.

A safe connection

To work remotely, it’s important to have a safe internet connection. Are you in a public place? Then use a hotspot from your mobile phone to connect to the internet. If you don’t have that option,use a VPN. VPN stands for: virtual private network. With a VPN your business data is safe. NordVPN offers a good VPN solution, but there are many more good options you could use.

We hope with this blog we’ve provided you with some useful information. If you have any questions about the tools and software mentioned above, you can contact us any time.