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11 June 2019

The many advantages of a phone system in the cloud

Voys offers the most advanced yet easy-to-use telecom solution in the cloud. To make your company flexible and easily available for your customers, all you need is our VoIP solution. But what do we actually mean by our cloud telecom and VoIP solution?

Let’s start with the basics: what is VoIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol, that’s where VoIP stands for. You could also say VoIP means telephony via the internet. And that is exactly what Voys offers: a phone system in the cloud. To be able to use VoIP technology, a phone needs a specific piece of software and it has to be connected to the internet. This way speech and data can be merged.

You don’t always have to use a desk phone to make a phone call. With Voys’ VoIP solution, you can also make phone calls via a wireless handset, via the Voys app on your mobile phone, or via a webphone on your computer.

Why would you choose a phone system via the internet?

Multiple phone conversations at once

Are you talking to a customer on the phone who has a question you can’t answer? Then it might come in handy to ask a colleague for help. With a VoIP number, you don’t have to write down the phone number of the customer so your colleague can call him or her back.

You can easily put the conversation on hold and start a new conversation. With VoIP there’s no need for an extra phone line to use this option. Use the second conversation to ask your co-worker for help. Do you have your answer? Switch back to the customer to continue the conversation. Quick and easy!

Cost reduction

VoIP telephony is a popular choice for companies who want to save money in the long term. You don’t have to invest in building a physical telephone line which saves a lot of money.

More options

At first glance, a VoIP phone is the same as a traditional phone. It’s just as easy to use, it looks almost the same, and it doesn’t take up any more space on your desk. But if you take a closer look, it does offer a lot more options. For example: the do not disturb button, which is very useful if you need to focus in a meeting. When you push the button, no phone calls will be transferred to your phone.

Work wherever you want

A VoIP phone number isn’t linked to one physical phone. Because of this, you can be available for your customers everywhere and at any time. You only need an internet connection to use a VoIP number which you can answer through a VoIP phone, a headset, our Voys app, or our webphone. That’s why a lot of companies that want to expand their network to make remote working possible choose VoIP as their solution.

Updates via the internet

The updates for your VoIP phone and your phone system occur via the internet. This means you don’t need a technician to update your phone and system. Even phone line maintenance is no longer necessary. If the phone and the phone system in the cloud are all set up, you’re ready to rumble.

These features are just the beginning of what you can do with VoIP. There are many more advantages to Voys’ telecom system. Check out all the nifty features we have to offer.

Do you need some more information? Or do you have any questions about Voys’ telecom solution in the cloud? Don’t hesitate to contact us.