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Opening hours

Written by Last updated: April 16, 2019

With the module Opening hours, you can control what happens when someone calls your telephone number at a certain time.

Adding an Opening hours group

  • Log into Freedom.
  • Click on Admin on the menu bar.
  • Choose Opening hours.
  • Click on Add and agree to the costs.
  • Name: Give your opening hours group a name, for example ‘standard opening times’ or ‘vacation and holidays’.
  • Give the opening hours group a Description, for example: Open mon. – fri. 9-18.
  • Click on Step 2.
  • Fill in the hours, check the correct days, and enter the period.
  • Click on the plus sign to add extra times. For example you can set the time group up like this: Christmas on the 25th and 26th of December, then with the plus you can add New Years day on January 1st too.
  • Click on Save.

Tip: Are you closed on holidays? Make a separate opening hours group for holidays and set it as the first step in your dial plan. See below for more information.

Opening times in the dial plan

  • Click in the menu bar on Dial plan.
  • Click on the correct telephone number.
  • Choose the option Opening hours group as the first step in your dial plan.
  • Be aware: If there are already steps in your dial plan and you want to add an opening hours group before them, look where you want to move the other steps to. Choose for ‘move steps below to: “Meets conditions” if you want to move the steps to within your opening times. If you want to move the steps to outside of your opening times select ‘move steps below to “Does not meet conditions” ‘. Then click on Save.
  • Fill in what happens when conditions are met and not met.

Friendly vacation days and holidays tip

  • First make a time group and name it ‘Vacation days and holidays’. Select the dates of your vacation and of the different holidays. Do you not yet know which holidays you will be closed on? You should still already make the opening hours group and then uncheck all of the days.
  • Next, make a normal Opening hours group.
  • Go to your Dial plan and select the Opening hours group ‘vacations and holidays’ as the first step.
  • Under ‘meets conditions’ select what should happen on these days. Under ‘Doesn’t meet conditions’, select the time group ‘Opening hours’. There you can select what happens during your opening times. After that, next to the last ‘doesn’t meet conditions’ select what should happen outside of both opening hours groups.
  • When you have a vacation planned, you just need to add the dates to the opening hours group. You don’t need to change your whole dial plan again! When you come back, there’s no need to make any more changes and your dial plan should go back to normal.

You can also make a routing template of your current dial plan. Then start making your dial plan again so that you can select Opening times as your first step. You can refer to your template for future changes.

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