15 May 2019

Get the most out of Freedom, your online phone system

When you become a customer at Voys, you immediately meets Freedom, Voys’ online phone system. In Freedom you find all sorts of smart features which you can use to make your company optimally available for your customers.

The heroes on our support team know there are some Freedom features which you’re not familiar with yet. This blog is to show you a few examples of the features that make Freedom unique.

Freedom to move

At a lot of offices, there are more than one phone around. Maybe there’s a phone on your desk and there’s also a handset available to help you move around the office. With the Voys telecom solution, you can make both phones ring at once. How? Set up a call group in Freedom. Put the VoIP account of the desk phone and the VoIP account of the handset in the call group and voila!

Multiple call groups

You can also put multiple call groups in a row. In that case, first phone one and two will ring. If nobody answers the calls on those phones, then phone three and four will also ring. For the call group this means: call group one contains the first two VoIP accounts, the second call group contains all four VoIP accounts.

This setup is perfect for companies where the customer support team and the sales team can help each other out, for example. When the support team is too busy to answer the phone, it might come in handy that someone from the sales team picks up the phone. Or the other way around, of course.

Voicemail to e-mail

With our voicemail service, you can receive a personal message from customers who couldn’t reach you. You receive the voicemail in your emailbox, directly after the customer leaves the message. That way you can forward it or listen to the message on your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Available always and everywhere

In today’s world it’s common to not work at the same spot the whole day. But you do want to be available for your customers no matter where you are. How do you make this happen? By switching between different phones. An example: with our service you can be available at the office in the morning, and via the Voys app on your mobile phone in the afternoon. That way you’re always available for your customers.

How do you use this setup? By adding a ‘user’ in Freedom. Put yourself as a user in the dial plan, then you can link different destinations to that user. For example: your deskphone or the Voys app. In the app or in our browser plugin you can easily say on which phone you’re available. Are you working from home in the morning but in the office in the afternoon? You can be available at both places on the same phone number.

Flexible call forwarding

Are you in a meeting? Or is there another reason you can’t pick up the phone? Then you can forward the call to an answering service of maybe a back-up colleague, whoever you want! If you want to use this feature, link the back-up number to your own ‘user’ in Freedom. If this number is linked, the incoming phone calls will forward to it.

Plenty of options

There are plenty more options and Voys customers have access to all the nifty features in Freedom. Besides call groups, voicemail, the user feature, and flexible call forwarding there are many more features. Sit back, relax and take a good look at them.

Now are you thinking that all sounds good to me, but I need some help setting up these awesome features? Or maybe you have any other questions? Our support team is happy to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us.